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Why should I take the Ruehlin Associates seminar?
The Ruehlin Associates seminar is designed to meet the level of need . . . that is, it focuses on what a particular rank needs to be successful in a job hunt. While the basic information contained in all our seminars is the same, the presentation of the material varies greatly depending on the audience. In addition, our trainers all have extensive experience in the corporate world, have MBA's, and have senior military service backgrounds. They have all transitioned from a successful career in the service to a successful career in the private sector prior to coming to work for Ruehlin Associates. [Back to Top]

How do I get in to one of your seminars?
Ruehlin Associates does not control quotas. You should go to your Chief Of Staff or training officer and ask for a quota.

How much does a seminar cost?
The fee depends on where the seminar is held. For example, the cost of conducting a seminar in Naples, Italy will be more than in Norfolk or San Diego . . . where we have local consultants, and, therefore, no travel expenses. Call John Ruehlin for pricing estimates. [Back to Top]

Will you send me the seminar schedule for the year?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide a schedule. Several activities have asked us not to, and from a practical standpoint the schedule changes from month to month. [Back to Top]

What happens to me after the seminar?
We provide follow-on assistance for 60 days. That includes resume review and answering questions that you may have about your transition. The follow-on support is provided by the trainer who conducted your seminar. When you call for assistance you should be prepared to tell the trainer where and when you took the seminar. And, please review what the book has to say about your question before you make the call to us. Often times your question will be answered by reading the pertinent chapter in the book. [Back to Top]

Who pays for the seminar?
In most cases, the seminar is paid for by the sponsoring activity. There have been cases where a group of individuals have gotten together and sponsored the seminar themselves, but for the most part, a government activity sponsors the service. [Back to Top]

Do I still have to take the TAP class if I attend your seminar?
Yes, the TAP class will discuss your retirement and VA benefits; we do not cover these topics in our seminar. The Ruehlin Associates seminar is strictly about how to transition to a new career. [Back to Top]

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