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Coordinating a Seminar

Coordinating a Ruehlin Associates Seminar

One of the most frequent questions asked by people assigned to coordinate and manage one of our career transition seminars is, “Where do I begin, and what actions do I have to take?” Following is a step-by-step sequence of the actions required.

  1. Determine if there is a need for the seminar(s). Get command approval.

  2. Determine a good time frame to hold the seminar. Contact Mr. Nelson Hendricks to discuss availability and reserve a date: 619.787.9226;

  3. Call Mr. John Ruehlin about the seminar fee: 619.435.2220.

  4. Reserve a venue for the seminar. If possible, reserve a location away from the command’s office complex. Tables should be arranged in a ”horseshoe” with seating around the outside of the horseshoe. Refreshments, consisting of at least coffee, tea and soft drinks should be provided, if possible.

  5. Ensure funds are obligated for the seminar and secure a contract. Fax or email a copy of the contract to Ruehlin Associates: Fax 619.435.2220;

  6. Send a message announcing the seminar, the location, dates/start time, where and how to sign up, where to pick up homework packages, and the activity’s point of contact. Note: the seminar usually begins on a Monday at 0800 and ends on the following Wednesday afternoon. The following two days (Thursday and Friday) are used to conduct one-on-one sessions with each attendee. Those meeting times will be scheduled at the seminar.

  7. Provide Mr. Hendricks with your shipping address. Materials will be shipped to you via UPS several weeks prior to the seminar. The shipment will contain homework packages for the attendees to complete prior to the seminar. The shipment will also include course books and instructor material. Please note: the instructor materials should be secured and given to the instructor on the first morning of the seminar.

Other Planning Considerations

Class size and make-up
The class size is limited to 14 active duty participants and their spouses/fiancées. Therefore, you could possibly have 28 people attending. Normally, about 5-6 spouses attend. The seminar is usually provided to senior officers (O5/O6), enlisted personnel (E8/E9), and warrant officer equivalent who have 20-30+ years on active duty. There may be exceptions if the command so desires, but the goal is to make the group as homogeneous as possible. Normally, senior officer and senior enlisted personnel attend separate seminars.

Dress for the seminar is coat and tie (suit preferred) for the men and business/office attire for the women. It is not necessary to rush out and buy new clothes . . . what people have will be fine.

The seminar instructor will contact the seminar coordinator about four weeks prior to the seminar. The instructor will confirm the above arrangements and answer any questions you may have.

If you have further questions, please call Mr. Hendricks 619.787.9226, or John Ruehlin 619.435.2220.

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