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Testimonials -- These are just a few of the thousands of of comments we have received from our clients:

"My best advice to any transitioning military member - attend the Ruehlin Seminar as early as possible."
 - Captain Mark Brouker USN, (Retired)

"The Ruehlin course is a great source of information, tools and guidance. Go, listen, do."
 - Frank Garner
  Vice President, Burton Restaurants

"An incredibly valuable feature of the Ruehlin Seminar is the ability to attend a second time, as a refresher."
 - CDR Dave Samara, USN

"The information passed on to us by Ruehlin Associates will literally change lives."
 - Colonel Sean McBride, USMC

"I learned quite a bit about the transition process, how to prepare my family and me, and most importantly, a lot about myself and my future desires."
 - Sergeant Major Kevin Williamson, USMC

"We feel much more confident about the future now that we’re equipped with great tools and resources!"
 - Amy Hunt, spouse

"The course content was superb, helpful and comprehensive. I am excited and encouraged to tackle the transition process."
 - Rick Piechota

"The seminar was a great experience and has already proven to be very beneficial in my transition and search for a new career."
 - Mike Lehman

"You helped take the edge off a pretty scary subject and you even made it fun!"
 - M. B. Ralston

"It was truly invaluable information, presented in an effective and credible way. I feel incredibly confident about our transition."
 - Allen and Gina Blaxton

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